Protecting Childhoods in Afghanistan

Forty years of war, recurrent natural disasters, chronic poverty, drought, and the COVID-19 pandemic have left 18.4 million people in Afghanistan in need of humanitarian assistance. Since the Taliban seized power, the situation on the ground remains extremely uncertain. The overall level of violence in the country has dropped, but over 3.5 million people remain internally displaced. 

World Vision is working in Herat province where 35,000 families live in the project areas, with 50% being Internally Displaced People (IDPs).

  • 50% of displaced children are deprived of education as they are forced into child labour to support their families
  • 154,000 people are one step away from famine
  • Displaced households resort to digging shallow wells for water which are often dirty and contaminated
  • 90% of health facilities have been severely damaged due to bombings 
  • Families are resorting to negative coping strategies such as sending their children to work, marrying off daughters at a young age or selling their children to at least feed the rest of the mouths

World Vision aims to

  • Provide cash for food for vulnerable households
  • Support families with grants to start income-generating activities and promote savings
  • Operate mobile health clinics and provide essential supplies and equipment to health facilities
  • Construct water and sanitation facilities in schools and communities
  • Distribute 300 hygiene and dignity kits to vulnerable girls
  • Provide psychological support services through child-friendly spaces

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