Bring Hope to Children with Our Children in Crisis Fund

Extend a Lifeline to Vulnerable Children 

Today, more than 103 million people — nearly half of them children — have been forced to flee their homes by violent conflict, famine, war, and natural disasters. Imagine spending your childhood in a refugee or displacement camp: being unable to attend school, having no permanent home, living in fear of conflict and in constant danger of exploitation. 

For children who live in the world’s most dangerous places, this is their daily reality. How do we foster hope in their lives? Our mission at World Vision is to help prevent them from such predicaments. With your support, we can prevent more children living in such dangerous places from falling victim to child labour, child marriage, child trafficking and social injustice. 

Save the Children at Risk and Bring Some Normalcy To Their Childhood 

In Afghanistan, almost 95% of the population is unable to access adequate food supplies. Today, more Afghan children are going hungry than ever before. Girls in particular, who once spoke out about child marriage and advocated for their own education, now live in fear of punishment and are barred from education above Grade 6. It is heart-breaking that so many girls are potentially at risk, just because they wanted to go to school, instead of becoming a child bride.  

In Syria, which is now in its 12th year of the civil war, a whole generation of children has been forced to grapple with fear, loss, grief and hunger. Recurring attacks on health infrastructures and schools hamper the prospects for child survival. In Cox's Bazar, going home is still very much an uncertainty as more than one million Rohingya refugees continue to live in the displacement camps plagued by fire incidents and natural disasters. Help us keep the light on for children living in the most dangerous places, they deserve no less than a normal childhood with access to basic rights of education, health, nutrition, clean water and psychosocial support. 


How You Can Make A Difference

Stand together with vulnerable children and their families by helping to pre-proposition life saving essentials like:

  • Access to healthcare, clean water and nutritious food
  • Shelter and emergency supplies
  • Safe places for children to play, learn and heal
  • Protection for children vulnerable to exploitation
  • A place for children to learn amidst extreme challenges, so basic literacy, numeracy as well as essential livelihood skills can be acquired

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