Become a Volunteer

Our volunteers are a valuable pool of support to many programmes and tasks within World Vision. Your time, talent and energy can help change the lives of children and families living in poverty.

If you are interested in any of the opportunities below, or have other ideas for your involvement, do not hesitate to email us at or call us at 6922 0100!

Volunteering opportunities

Adept at data entry, filing, mail franking, and more? We are looking for volunteers who can commit to a minimum of four hours and once weekly (i.e. weekdays from 10am to 5pm).

Youth Facilitators:
Join thousands of other young people fighting global poverty with World Vision, through events like the 30 Hour Famine Camp, Project HungerFree, youth conferences and more. You can be involved as a group leader, facilitator, logistics helper, photographer, backstage helper, etc.

Photographers/Videographers/Video Editors: 
If you have what it takes to tell vivid stories through the lens, here is an opportunity to do so. World Vision needs passionately creative people to craft visual narratives of hope.

Graphic/Web Designers: 
Visuals play a key role in capturing our attention and communicating messages. Got the skills to create captivating graphics or design slick websites? Here is a chance to showcase your talent and use it for a good cause.

If you or your group have a specific performing talent (e.g. magic, singing, dancing), we want you! You will be offered opportunities and given platforms to perform for our 30-Hour Famine Camp’s Concert and other events.

Event Support: 
Help is always required at our year-end Child Sponsorship booths and other special events like Child Sponsors’ Celebrations. Get in touch to enquire about our upcoming events where help is needed!