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Corporate Social Responsibility For Companies in Singapore

In today’s socially conscious environment, people have a greater desire to be part of a company that does its part when it comes to sustainable development. That is where corporate social responsibility - or CSR - comes in - it encourages businesses to make a positive impact on social, environmental and economic factors through their business models. Many businesses in Singapore engage in CSR practices annually or even monthly. 

Having good CSR programmes can help corporates in Singapore to stand out as consumers today want to be able to relate to a brand or company that shares in the same values as them. Not only does a good CSR programme help your business to become a good neighbour, it also cultivates a corporate image of responsibility and improves financial performance, resulting in happier stakeholders as well as consumers.

Being socially responsible provides both tangible and intangible benefits to companies and its employees in Singapore. Be part of the group of organisations who partner World Vision to transform lives around the world today. 

Practicing CSR As A Business in Singapore

Your company and employees can make a difference to society through transformational CSR partnership with World Vision Singapore. 

World Vision offers your company and your employees an opportunity to touch and transform lives. Our easy to latch-on platform will allow your company to strengthen your corporate social responsibility programme and enhance your branding in Singapore. Your humanitarian efforts will also infuse your employees with a sense of purpose, build camaraderie and create commitment. 



  1. We reach out to extremely vulnerable children from communities worldwide
  2. We have an established infrastructure on location to undertake the required delivery
  3. We have an efficient model, with no more than 20% overheads and the rest of the funds raised channeled towards field projects to help the children
  4. Our programmes are equitable with whole communities benefiting and not just the sponsored children
  5. Our work meets stringent compliance and reporting requirements


There are many ways you can contribute to World Vision’s cause and boundless possibilities in making a difference to impoverished children. Our CSR program options in Singapore gives your business the flexibility of giving back in a manner that you feel most purposeful in. 
You and your team can choose to support a sector of need close to your hearts, or transform the lives of vulnerable children through holistic sponsorship.


1. Support A Needy Sector

  • Select a sector of need, e.g. to improve education, provide clean water or support healthcare services
  • Identify a beneficiary community
  • Employee engagement is welcomed – great for team building!


2. Sponsor Children

  • Children in need will benefit, in areas like education, food, water, sanitation and healthcare
  • The family and the whole community of the sponsored child also benefit
  • Sponsorship outlay per child at $45 a month

How Your Company Can Assist:

  • Corporate sponsorship
  • CSR matching scheme in Singapore for participating employees
  • Lunchtime talks for employees
  • Your company’s involvement in the delivery of the project can range according to your preferences with the possibility of on-site field participation, incorporating talent development

Ideas For Implementation

  • Mark corporate milestones or celebrate company success
  • Invite World Vision to share at your platforms
  • Consider team-building in field communities
  • Teams can adopt World Vision suggested schemes, e.g. Healthy Lunch Challenges to benefit hungry children, crowdfunding through MyVision and more. (information provided upon request)


CSR Programme Planning | Contact Our Team in Singapore

Corporate social responsibility is a great way to motivate employees to do better, to give back and to be purposeful in the work they carry out in Singapore.

Employees, customers and business stakeholders today have become increasingly socially conscious, placing a premium on working for and spending their money with businesses that incorporate sustainable development plans into their company business model.  Having a corporate social responsibility programme in place in your organisation not only has a positive impact on our social, economic and environmental landscape, but is a great way to motivate your employees to work hard so they can give back and be more purposeful in the work they do in Singapore

At World Vision, we believe that our CSR programmes - ranging from supporting needy sectors to child sponsorship - can be meaningful for employees keen on getting involved with philanthropic work in Singapore. We want to work with like-minded companies to create positive social value through corporate social responsibility initiatives.

Get in touch with us for a discussion on how we can help the CSR plans for your business in Singapore.


Companies we work with

We are extremely thankful to the many businesses and corporations that support our work around the world. Our strategic relationships and corporate partners enable us to give hope to millions. Read about their CSR journey with World Vision.