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Pulling up the roots of poverty and planting seeds of change, deepening our commitment to the most vulnerable. Here’s the highlights of what we have accomplished together in 2022 with generous supporters like you.



Together, we work to help communities develop the perfect recipe for sustainable success.

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A world where children are safe and secure. We believe every child deserves a childhood free from violence, to live life in all its fullness, and to realise their God given potential. We want to help every community build a safety net of loving people to protect children and ensure that those who are harmed receive the help they need to recover.



A world with education for all. 80% of brain development happens in the first three years of life, and 90 per cent is complete by age five. All children have the right to a safe, inclusive and quality education. With access to a quality education, children become lifelong learners and the potential to transform their communities.



A world where all children are healthy. Good nutrition is an essential foundation for health and development yet every year, 6.6 million children die from preventable causes before their fifth birthday due to the lack of healthcare while malnutrition from prolonged hunger has resulted in 3.1 million child deaths annually.



Breaking cycles of poverty. Ending intergenerational cycles of poverty is at the heart of our approach to helping the most vulnerable families lift themselves out of poverty for good. We work with community members to develop relevant skills for them to bring into the workplace. This not only provides a potential and sustainable livelihood for the future but also instils hope and aspirations for a better life.



A world where all children have access to clean water. Women and children are the most vulnerable to the lack of clean water and basic sanitation, leading to rampant diseases and increased infant mortality rates. We believe every child deserves and has the right to use safe water and live in a clean environment.



Children in Crisis

Millions of children live in some of the world’s most dangerous places. These children live on a knife edge and are extremely vulnerable to violence, exploitation, abuse, and neglect. We go to the places others cannot reach, meeting urgent needs and staying to find solutions.

Children in the Cities

People and poverty are moving to cities at a scale and speed that poses serious risks and challenges to the wellbeing of children. Our desire is for every child to have access to basic needs and be protected from street violence, drugs, trafficking and hazardous forms of child labour.

Children of Climate Change

The world’s poorest have contributed very little to climate change yet are often the most exposed to its devastating impacts. Hundreds of millions of children now face a changing world in which they are at greater risk from more violent storms, worsening droughts, floods and environmental degradation.

The Survival Fund

When disasters happen, whether natural or manmade, we want children to have access to food, clean water and shelter. We are committed to protecting the vulnerable from physical injury, disease, separation from families.


Connect globally with the vulnerable by supporting improved education, healthcare, child protection and nutrition and food security in multiple most-needy villages around the world as we address the root causes of poverty holistically and efficiently.


Because of our community-focused solutions, for every child you help, four more children benefit too.