Gift Catalogue 2022/2023

Miracles are everywhere in the smallest things that we share. Send life-changing gifts that remind vulnerable children there is someone who truly cares. 


Give to Where Most Needed

Giving a general donation allows World Vision to channel contributions to areas that most lack funds, in order to meet the needs of the poor and needy.


My World Collective was bourne out of a desire to deepen our commitment to the most vulnerable children. A world seen through their eyes, from the rural villages to urban slums to areas broken by conflict and those devastated by disaster or climate change. Together we can be their channel of hope and change their world​.

Children of Climate Change

The world’s poorest have contributed very little to climate change yet are often the most exposed to its devastating impacts. Your gift can help create a more sustainable world for our children.

Children in the Cities

We go to places others cannot reach, meeting urgent needs and staying to find solutions. Your gift can help children survive in the world’s most dangerous places.

The Survival Fund

When disasters happen, whether natural or manmade, we want children to have access to food, clean water and shelter. Your gift can help children survive a disaster.

Children in Crisis

Children are living in most dangerous parts of the world, where it is most difficult to be a child. Forced to flee their homes by violent conflict, famine, war, and natural disaster


Connect globally with the vulnerable by supporting improved education, healthcare, child protection and nutrition in multiple most-needy villages so that no child gets left behind


Sustained Child Wellbeing is our goal especially the most vulnerable. We work with families, communities, and partners to ensure that children enjoy good health, are educated for life, experience the love of God and are cared for and protected. Join us to give a gift that keeps on giving.​



Through World Vision's work, every 60 seconds...
a family gets water... a hungry child is fed... a family receives the tools to overcome poverty.