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Families matter. To create a better world for all children, important values like empathy, gratitude, love and justice can be and should be nurtured from young. What better way to do it than as a family? In line with this, World Vision curates a wide variety of child-friendly events, suitable for all age groups, to engage young children and their parents.

Besides raising global citizens who contribute positively to society, relationships are strengthened as you experience meaningful activities as a family and spend time together. To get involved, view our past events or check out our upcoming activities.

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Past Family Events

The bustle of city life can take us away from what is most important – family. During the June holidays, we invited families to join World Vision at Kok Fah Technology Farm. There, they reconnected with nature and increased empathy and gratitude in their children.

In addition to a guided farm tour, there were immersive activities, where families learned the struggles of impoverished farming communities and what we in Singapore can do to help.

Event Highlights:

  • Build empathy and gratitude
    Walk in the shoes of poor families who depend on farming for food and income
  • Bond and learn as a family
    Model positive values as you go through experiential activities around the challenges and solutions for the poor
  • Help combat poverty
    Find out how your actions in Singapore can have an impact on poor children in other countries
  • Experience farm life for a day
    Go on a guided tour on a real farm to see, hear, smell and taste a new side of Singapore


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On 16 December 2016 (Fri), 9am to 12.15pm, children and their parents came together to experience real farming at Kok Fah Technology Farm and learn how World Vision is helping to eradicate hunger.

The event was fully subscribed and highlights included:

  • Being a farmer for a day: Participants got hands-on with various farming activities and had a taste of challenges poor families face
  • Stepping in the shoes of poor farmers: Children grew in empathy and gratitude as they embarked on a unique journey with their parents
  • Helping families combat poverty: Families understood how sustainable farming gives children access to nutritious food and better well-being


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Play is one of the most effective forms of learning! On 19 November 2016 (Sat), 4pm - 7pm, at Duxton Plain Park, children and parents came to bond meaningfully and cultivate empathy by immersing in the life of a needy family. This event was made possible by the kind support of PlaystreetsSG, a programme of the Singapore Wellness Association.

Highlights included:

  • Modelling positive values Families participated in scenarios to see if they can break out of the poverty trap
  • Raising global citizens Young children learnt about food security, clean water, education, healthcare, disaster relief and more
  • Bonding as a family In this digital age, parents took the chance to interact with their children in this outdoor survival adventure

To customise a Family Survival Challenge event with World Vision for your school, church or private event, please contact Ms Kwan Hui Xian at or 6922 0115.


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