Caring for Communities

Support vulnerable communities in their journey out of poverty and into self-sufficiency

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When communities help each other, change happens! 

When you support communities living in poverty through World Vision's Village2Village programme, you help to bring a positive impact to vulnerable communities with resources that'll equip and strengthen them on their journey towards self-sufficiency.  

Children, their families and other community members living in poverty in these vulnerable communities often have to face harsh realities every day and have little to no access to life's basics like clean water and food security. 

By pooling donations from community supporters like you, we can work toward developing and strengthening the communities in the following areas in the present and for the future — breaking the cycle of poverty for the community sustainably.


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 Families and communities are empowered to protect children from abuse and injustices through education and the establishment of support systems.



 With access to quality education and a conducive learning environment, children are empowered and equipped to build a brighter future.



 Families are equipped to attain food security and are educated on children’s nutritional needs to ensure their proper growth and development.



Families and communities are equipped to develop skills for sustainable livelihood opportunities, which instils hope and aspirations for the future.



Access to clean water protects children from avoidable diseases, while sanitation practices eliminate preventable diseases and reduce child mortality rates.

From Africa, the Middle East to Asia, your Village2Village pledge will support a global collection of communities that are especially in need so that they are given a chance to thrive!


Vulnerable Communities

You have the power to change their realities, transform their world and create a sustainable and holistic impact in these communities! 

The goal is to drive self-sufficiency, so we’re in it to see lasting changes!


Journey with these most-needy communities and extend your impact globally with a monthly pledge!


Frequently Asked Questions

It takes a foundation of resources and activities over a sustained period before viable results take shape in communities. World Vision partners with each community for 12 to15 years to help them reach their full potential and establish secure, thriving and sustainable success. Although you can cancel your pledge at any time, your ongoing support will ensure that resources continue to be in place to assist communities in removing hurdles to achieving community self-sufficiency and success.

We approached communities from Africa to Asia to ensure a global collection of communities that are especially in need. Through the contributions from Village2Village donors, Education, Clean Water & Sanitation, Health & Nutrition, Livelihood & Microfinance and Child Protection can be made available to the communities.

The Village2Village initiative covers the most vulnerable communities that World Vision is also supporting through our Child Sponsorship Programme. By contributing through Village2Village, donors can make a positive impact on communities and create a difference for a sustained period.

You will receive a half-yearly email update on the program's performance as well as a printed copy of World Vision's Gift Catalogue. 

If you change your mind on the monthly contribution amount, kindly email us at We can help you continue your generosity by aligning your experience with an amount that is comfortable for you.

Yes, you can. Please do ensure that the country you desire to direct your contributions to is one that World Vision is currently supporting. To channel your contribution towards a specific area, kindly indicate the name of the country in the comment box on the donation page.  

As announced by the United Nations, the COVID-19 pandemic threatened to destroy the livelihoods of Southeast Asia’s 218 million informal workers. Additionally, in our research, we are anticipating that 85 million families across Asia may have little or no food stock and 110 million children in Asia facing hunger due to the pandemic.

Now is the time to act. When we connect with villages across the world we are bringing hope and humanity; we are helping many communities