The power to choose in a child's hands.

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Being Chosen as a Child Sponsor



1. Sign Up & Submit Your Photo

Your name and photo will be sent to a sponsorship community where Chosenᵀᴹ is taking place. Our local staff on the ground will set up a choosing party for the children to attend.



2. A Child will Choose YOU

Which child will choose you? At the choosing party, the children will be able to choose from a string of sponsors' photos that you have submitted. Subsequently, you'll get a photo of your new sponsored child holding your photo, plus a letter about why he/she chose you!



3. See Your Gifts at Work

Your $45 a month is combined with other sponsors' contributions to support community projects that help your sponsored child and other children thrive. This includes clean water, healthcare, nutrition, education — whatever they need. You'll also get regular updates on the changes that you're helping to make.



4. Celebrate the Progress

Joy travels both ways through love, prayers, and letters as you share the journey with your sponsored child. And the best part? Our approach is already built on empowering children and communities to build lasting change.



A New Invitation to Child Sponsorship

Some children wait for years to be sponsored... But what if, the power to choose is in a child's hands? When you empower them with choice, they have the power to take hold of their future, create change and transform their community!





Meet Fynn,

a participant of Chosenᵀᴹ, mother of three, and founder of Happy Tot Shelf — an educational portal that helps parents create fun learning experiences for children at home.


"Knowing their names, reading their ambitions and also what they like to do really makes the whole experience more real and closer to our hearts.

We know exactly who we are helping and we know we are making an impact on real lives," shared Fynn.




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Chosen Stories

"...if I can live my life comfortably with the money that I have, why not challenge myself to also put aside a sum of money every month to give to these children," shared Shawn.

"Sponsoring a child is something that is close to the heart of God – even though we may be miles apart from this child, we can share life with someone who is just so far away," said Rev. Jasper Ngoh, Associate Pastor at TACMC.

“I was looking for something meaningful to do or to contribute to, I guess something bigger than myself,” Beverly explained.

Frequently Asked Questions

Chosen is a new invitation to child sponsorship where a child chooses his/her sponsor. You (the sponsor) can have your photo taken at an event or submit it online (coming soon).

Your photo and name are then sent to a community where World Vision works and a child from that community will make their choice. Once the choice is made, you will receive a photo of the child and a letter from the child explaining why you were chosen.

Finally, as with all our sponsorship relationships, your sponsored child and you can build a friendship through letters or e-letters.

Chosen is not a "different" child sponsorship product or model - it is a new invitation to sponsorship. The only thing changing is the way sponsor-and-child relationship begins.

In the traditional sponsorship invitation, sponsors are asked to choose a child to sponsor. In the new Chosen invitation, sponsors send their photo to a community where children choose them to be their sponsors. It is a new invitation that is powerful as it flips the choosing dynamic on its head and gives children more ownership in the choice of who their sponsor will be. However, World Vision's effective community-empowering sponsorship development model remains unchanged. 

Chosen invites you to put the power of choice ​​​​​​in the hands of the child, there flipping the traditional selection dynamics. It sets the tone from the start and is a tangible manifestation that children can (and should) have choices in life. It emphasises that they have the power to choose what their life can become. Additionally, it gives children a greater contribution in the process as they get to have more ownership in the decision-making process. 

It is a simple switch in thinking that recognises the dignity, value and honour of everyone involved - acknowledging that children living in extreme poverty have the power to change their own lives...and your lives too.

One critical component of child empowerment is giving children space to develop their own opinions and act on their thoughts and preferences. Through Chosen, children have the opportunity to select their own sponsor, instead of being informed of who has selected them.

This is only one of the many things that World Vision is doing to empower children as part of our child-focused, community-empowering approach. ​​​​​

A Choosing Party is the photos that you, and other sponsors, have submitted are displayed. It is at the Choosing Party where the children will make their choice from the selection of photos. 
After they have selected a sponsor, the children will then write a letter to you to explain why they picked you from the other photos.