Financial Accountability

At World Vision, stewardship is integral to everything we do — we recognise that every resource entrusted to us can transform children’s lives.

As part of our stewardship mandate, we optimise resources and distribute them where they are needed most. We also carefully monitor and review programmes and costs, use donations and grants for their intended purposes, and look for ways to leverage funds for maximum impact.

In addition, we continually strive to keep our overhead rate low. In FY2022, 84.98% of our total donations were used for programmes that benefit children, families, and communities in need.

Our effectiveness has earned the trust and support of donors, churches, corporations, institutions, and government agencies around the world. Read more about World Vision Singapore Funding Policy.



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Our Income (from Oct 2021 to Sep 2022)

We thank God for donors who have supported our ministry in FY2022, helping us to raise a total of $22,202,797. 


Our Expenditure

According to Singapore’s charity regulations, the total expenses incurred due to public fundraising appeals in a financial year must not exceed 30% of total donations collected through the public appeals in that year. At World Vision Singapore, the total expenditure was 15.02% of total funds raised in FY2022.

Our Funding Commitment

World Vision Singapore's impact in Development and Disaster work reached 2,732,588 beneficiaries across Asia, Africa and the Middle East were helped last year, of which 1,223,490 are children.


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