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We feature write-ups from supporters and staff who are hungry for change and want their voices to be heard.

On 11 October 2019, World Vision held the second in a series of church engagement forums on The Connected Generation, a pioneering global study, co-commissioned with Barna Group, on how the outlook, experiences, and values of millennials and the leading edge of Generation Z should inform the Church’s efforts to make in-roads with, disciple, and activate an emerging generation living in a digital, sceptical and experiential age. Mr. Daniel Copeland, a Research Associate from Barna Group, was invited to share the results from Singapore.

Many of these kids aren’t used to choosing, so picking their sponsor is a huge leap forward for them. Research shows that when kids in poverty have a voice in decision-making, they take action for lasting change.  

Having shared in the experience of Chosen – not once but twice, Lilian Chung, World Vision Singapore’s National Director and child sponsor share her experience and journey as a #chosen sponsor. 

"I believe our small effort could turn out to be a great support for our country to beat COVID-19,” says Saru. “People in my community have started to recognise me. I belong to a low caste but now people address me [as] ‘Miss’ (considered as a title of respect for women).”

“Right after the event, he ran home and showed me his sponsor’s photo and talked so much about him. He said that he will keep the photo of his sponsor safely and if his sponsor visited him, he will show them the photo,” continued Hanh.