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We feature write-ups from supporters and staff who are hungry for change and want their voices to be heard.

“The yearly photo sent along with the yearly report, is always a joy to receive because compared to the previous year, she would always look the same yet much grown-up and always donning the simple accessories that I mailed over or outfits that I bought when I went for the trips,” explained Elsie.

“One of my Mongolian boy wrote to me saying I believe we will meet again one day. My boy from the Philippines who always address me as auntie Elaine said he will study hard to let his family feel proud of him,” shared Elaine.

“This couldn't be achieved by one individual but like-minded people who have the heart to help people and pool our resources to achieve that. I hope that more people will take up the sponsorship journey and make a difference to the life of a child and community.”

Since the pandemic began, 16-year-old Kampamba has seen an increase in students that struggle with teenage pregnancies, sexual abuse and defilement cases, and being made to work in cattle herding, in his community. Many students also lack the resources and technology needed to access the government’s online lessons.

In South Sudan, child marriage affects 51.5% percent of girls in the country, is on the rise due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and along with early pregnancy, both issues are causing an increase in school dropout rates. For 17-year-old Aluel who dreams of being a lawyer, life only became more problematic as a result of the coronavirus.