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On 28 October 2023, youths and young adults from nine countries (Cambodia, Canada, Indonesia, Korea, the Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Vietnam) gathered at the Lifelong Learning Institute, Singapore for the eighth edition of our annual Youth For Change Conference (YFCC).

Youth Expedition Project (YEP) is a Service-Learning programme by Youth Corps Singapore which aims to nurture confident and resilient youths. In collaboration with World Vision Singapore, 24 like-minded students and 2 lecturers embarked on their journey to Cebu, the Philippines, in September 2023 with a common goal - to make a difference.

On 9 - 24 July, a team of 14 students from Singapore Management University embarked on a meaningful service learning journey to Son Tra, Vietnam, with the aim of imparting essential soft skills to the youth. Project White Dove was a transformative experience for them, leaving an indelible mark on their hearts and reinforcing the power of education and community engagement.

Meeting up with a “stranger” whom I have known for the past 8 years was a great highlight for this trip, being able to see him and have a face-to-face interaction to know more about him. During game time, I saw his father watching him playing with lots of smiles. Despite disrupting his work schedule and traveling this far for this meetup, I sensed lots of warmth from them. This is something that we may not be able to see nowadays. Will remember this trip and the things I’ve seen for a really long time. 

This trip gave me invaluable insights into the remarkable initiatives by World Vision in Sindhuli East. It was a life-enriching experience filled with inspirational encounters and a renewed sense of hope for the community's future. Although the key challenges have not been fully overcome, the initiatives in place are making a positive difference.