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Parents like Johura in urban poor communities in the cities Maniknagar and Dhalpur are supported to better provide for their families. From pulling rickshaws, selling vegetables or clothes to tailoring, they are empowered to pursue their small businesses and to live in dignity. 

Abaca farming is helping to preserve forest areas and at the same time provide income to families. When World Vision distributed 10,000 hills of tissue-cultured Abaca, farmers in Allan's community started planting Abaca and are now seeing the environment and lives thrive. 

We bring you the latest updates on the Ukraine refugee crisis that is unfolding. Mark Mitchell (Technical Director, Emergency Logistics and Prepositioning, World Vision) makes his way to Romania to manage the emergency logistics. He will be sharing with us his first-hand experiences on the ground over the next three months at the Ukraine-Romania border. Let's journey with him as he