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We feature write-ups from supporters and staff who are hungry for change and want their voices to be heard.

Nomin, a 16-year-old girl from rural Mongolia, is living proof that sponsoring a child can open up a world of possibilities. When Nomin was sponsored in the first grade she received the support she needed to grow, learn and thrive.

Binsa lives in a one-room house with her mother, Lakshmi. She follows her mother everywhere except when she is working. She doesn't understand the nature of her mother's job yet.

He was just a year old when his father died of kidney failure. Now both Sakib, 13, and his 17-year-old brother, Sohug, have dropped out of school to contribute to the family income.

World Vision Singapore announced today that Ms Lilian Chung will be stepping down as National Director, effective 1 July 2023. Mr Benjamin Tan will take over as the CEO for World Vision International’s Singapore branch office.

14-year-old teen has been selling in the streets for more than a year already. She shares that she encountered all kinds of danger while she was outside.