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We feature write-ups from supporters and staff who are hungry for change and want their voices to be heard.

Xa is only 14 years old, but for years, she could see her future: early marriage. It's the way it’s always been. Marriage as a teen seemed inevitable for Xa. But change was coming.  

A Service-Learning team shares their experience of working with World Vision on a YEP-GO project to serve youth in Vietnam.

Being a teenager isn’t easy, no matter where in the world you live. But add the threat of child marriage for a growing number of teens and tweens and suddenly there are catastrophic consequences. Why does it happen?

What happens when children are seen, and make themselves heard? Amazing things! That’s why every day, World Vision child sponsorship supports them to find their voice and feel empowered. Meet 5 children speaking up loud and proud.

From March to June 2022, a team of 18 students from Singapore Management University took part in YEP-GO, engaging with youth beneficiaries from Cambodia to equip them with skills that will increase their employability in the future.