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Interning at World Vision and being exposed to first-hand stories from the field really reinforced how blessed I am to live in the safety and security of Singapore. Reading the testimonies of victims of disasters who have lost all their family members or children who are fighting against exploitation sometimes moved me to tears. While I initially felt overwhelmed and helpless, I remind myself that I can play a part in supporting these vulnerable individuals through World Vision's work.

Home to the "Lake of Stars", find out what else Malawi holds.

Targets to enable 50 children in out-of-home care with special learning needs to have access to learning support programmes

Joined by fifteen adventurous souls seeking a purpose greater than themselves, our paths intertwined in a story of resilience, hope, and the power of human connection.

14-year-old Nadine has been living in a dumpsite with her family ever since she can remember. Life has not been easy for Nadine but she is not letting her circumstances hold her back. She is finding her way to her dreams through education.