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We feature write-ups from supporters and staff who are hungry for change and want their voices to be heard.

Growing up Lenny did not know for certain if she’d be able to graduate from school, let alone secure a position in the health sector. Today, she's on the frontline battling COVID-19 with the rest of her community. 

“Being there was new. Beings there were new. It was a moment of body-mind-soul connection...” This is a story about Mr Paranthaman Chinniah and his experience as a World Vision child sponsor and tripper. 

As a sponsored child, Minas was also able to undergo World Vision’s holistically transformative and community-focused programme model, empowering her and children like her to various opportunities, tools and platforms that enabled them to experience the fullness of life despite their everyday struggles.

The Rohingya refugees living in the world’s largest refugee camp in southern Bangladesh are fearful of the COVID-19 pandemic. Parents want to keep their children safe from the deadly virus. But extreme overpopulation in the camp’s small area, inadequate knowledge about prevention and limited access to medical facilities make the refugees especially vulnerable to the virus.

Within Syria, 95% of people lack adequate healthcare and 70% lack regular access to clean water due to collapsed infrastructure. Half the children are out of school. Conflict has shattered the economy and 80% of the population now lives in povert