Youth and Schools

Apul had been displaced by conflict in South Sudan for years. When she was three, she had barely started preschool before she had to move away for her safety. As the conflict eases, Apul, now ten, finally has the chance to return to school again. Apul is happy to enjoy classes in temporary learning spaces, which create a conducive environment for her to learn in the midst of a war-torn nation. 

Solang had been moving between Cambodian provinces with her parents for half her life. Instead of attending education, Solang had to work for a Chinese factory to support her family. However, all that changed when World Vision reached out to her family. Solang can now stay in her village and go to school, and study hard to work towards her aspirations. 

Too famished to concentrate, eight-year-old Moses shed tears in class. One of the many children suffering from drought in Kenya, he had to go for long hours without food and was overwhelmed by hunger pangs. Thankfully, his tears of hunger turned into showers of blessing after his story was featured on television, and World Vision intervened to change his life.