Children of Climate Change

Fourteen-year-old Stella is an environmental conservation champion at her school. Her love for nature inspired Stella to join the school’s environment club after being taught about the benefits of trees by one of her teachers that founded the club. The benefits that the children have reaped from the increased tree cover in their school have given them hope for a bright future in their community.

Cutting forests for firewood and farming had ruptured the ecosystem and set off a chain reaction. Fuel-efficient cook stove has shown themselves to be capable of solving many of these problems such as reducing reforestation, indoor pollution at homes, protecting children against respiratory diseases and more. 

World Vision’s Tony Rinaudo is the man who championed a reforestation technique over 35 years ago that led to the largest possible environmental transformation across Africa. Known as Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration or FMNR, the simple farming practise has morphed desert plains into reforested and productive farmland.