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We feature write-ups from supporters and staff who are hungry for change and want their voices to be heard.

The 30 Hour Famine: #ClimateAction 2020 took place virtually on Instagram for the first time from 26 - 29 May. A total of 488 participants challenged themselves to fight climate change by completing various tasks to reduce their carbon footprint, while learning about the impact of climate change on vulnerable communities. Four teams share their reflections with us and how their lifestyles have changed after taking on the challenge! 

Sponsoring a child is a personal, effective way to fight poverty. Your support will change one of the world’s poorest communities, with a complete plan to transform the area their children are born into, for your sponsored child and other children growing up alongside them. You’ll bring hope, as they flourish towards their full potential in life. 

Here are seven encouraging reasons why we believe it’s one of the best ways to transform a child’s life

“It was really our resemblance... It really reminded me of myself, and what I was doing at the same age as him,” shared Kenneth Tan.

"All we knew from the Singapore side was that we were only sending financial aid. But there’s a lot more [to it], a lot of programs were built up. I was very impressed by the operations that went on.”

On 1 February, Mothership Facebook posted a report on a sponsor in Hong Kong receiving the same photo in consecutive Annual Progress Reports, and also a photo that does not look like the sponsored child in 2019.  After speaking to our Hong Kong office, we understand that it was due to a human error, and the latest photo of the child, who is currently studying accountancy, has been sent to the Hong Kong child sponsor. Due to a large number of children supported in our different Area Programmes and child monitoring across a huge geographical region, there have been isolated instances where unfortunately technical or human error arises. However, we take all these cases seriously and we work to further enhance timely and accurate progress reports and updates.