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Social distancing and staying at home does not mean disconnecting from the rest of the world. When you are staying at home, we recommend you catch these movies and explore another world where poverty, gender inequality and conflict are forcing many children to live in survival mode - with or without any COVID-19 pandemic. 

Child Sponsorship has made it possible for World Vision to respond to the COVID-19 crisis from the beginning. Our Area Programmes supported by child sponsors are now focused on protecting children and the community from the spread of the virus. As we all try to figure out the best way forward for our families, neighbours, nation and the world in the light of COVID-19, we want to share with you how your Child Sponsorship may be affected by with this list of Frequent Asked Questions. 

"The child sponsorship programme is still incredibly special but I think this approach of them choosing us, is very personal. I was very touched when he introduced himself and told me what he likes. It was as if he has already touched my life,” shared Felicia Chin, Mediacorp artiste, World Vision Goodwill Ambassador and a #chosen sponsor. 

When Thu Ha first saw a picture of her new sponsored child Bably, she burst into tears. “I don’t know why I started crying, maybe it was because she looked so innocent and beautiful in the photo, it’s like seeing your own child, I felt extremely proud to be chosen by Bably.”

"I watched kids scan through every photo twice before making a selection and then hold that photo close to their hearts. Some kids only took seconds to make their choice. Others took their time, looking for a face with which they felt a connection."