Beginning of His Brighter Days

Once a child labourer, 10-year-old Kawsar is now stepping into school for the very first time.

At 6 years old, Kawsar, who lives in the slums of Dhaka in Bangladesh, was eagerly awaited his first day of school. However, the pandemic dashed his hopes. With his father’s earnings barely enough to feed the family, Kawsar started to work in a restaurant, earning just 50 taka (S$0.57) a day.

Hope arrived when Kawsar’s mother, Roksana, was encouraged to enrol him in World Vision’s non-formal education programme, to prepare him for formal school.

“I did not get a chance to studyso it is important for my children to be educated. When they study, they can get a good job and a good life. I do not want my children to lead my life," said Roksana.

Kawsar has since successfully completed one year of non-formal education. In 2024, he finally got the chance to be enrolled in a government school.

Roksana also received resources from World Vision to supplement the household income through the sale of green coconuts. She worked hard to provide for her family and is now able to save for the future.

Now, with the help of World Vision, Kawsar and his family embark on a journey towards a promising future.

“I want to serve people when I grow up as I have seen poor people unable to get the services from doctor or police. I want to serve them for free so that people can live a better life," said Kawsar. 

Roksana expressed with joy, "It gives me immense happiness that I can now support my family. I do not want to limit my support to my family but also extend to other people in need." 

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World Vision Singapore