Hunger Crisis

Derartu's community in Ethiopia is facing the worst hunger crisis in a generation but sponsors are a lifeline in keeping malnutrition at bay. Sponsors don’t just impact a single child, but invest in an entire community.

64-year-old Mae Tui no longer struggles to provide food for her children and grandchildren. She no longer needs to go out looking for food in the water streams like before. After receiving training and fingerlings to grow her own, her pond is flourishing with fish. Her family no longer needs to worry about when their next meal would be. 

As the Ukraine conflict, climate shocks, and ongoing impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic converge to undermine food supplies and economies, the risk of famine continues to intensify for children and families worldwide. Approximately 50 million girls, boys and their families in 45 countries are on the brink of starvation.