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Access to clean water was the main challenge in Kaung's village. Due to unclean water, children often get sick of diarrhoea while adequate health facilities are in shortage.


From 29 to 30 May 2023, over 100 youths and young adults embarked on an exciting journey across Lazarus and Sentosa Islands at World Vision Singapore’s annual 30 Hour Famine Camp. This year, the 30 Hour Famine finally returned as an in-person day camp, and saw participants join in the signature 30 hour fast from food while completing team-based station activities aimed at increasing awareness and empathy of the struggles that children in vulnerable places face.

From 15-17 May 2023, Hwa Chong Humanities and Current Affairs Society hosted Hwa Chong One Day Without Shoes. This event aimed to raise awareness for marginalised and disadvantaged communities living amidst poverty and water shortage globally, especially amongst the students who may have been relatively more sheltered from these issues and concerns.

As fighting continued to escalate in Sudan between rival factions of the military government, thousands of people, the majority women and children, have been forced to flee to neighboring countries. Fatha, a mother of 6 fled to the border with her four children. Her other two children have gone missing. One of her children, that is missing, was injured on the head when the shelling happened in their town. 

It is really heartening to know that since the start of the programme in 2015, Antique, Philippines has seen great improvements over the years. More children are receiving education and more households receive necessities such as electricity. I believe the goal of improving the wellbeing of children can be met.