World Vision Singapore Launches Public Fundraising Appeal in Response To the Escalating Global Hunger Crisis

5 March 2024 – World Vision Singapore has launched a public fundraising appeal in response to rising child hunger and malnutrition.

The world is facing a global hunger crisis of unprecedented proportions. Over 25 million children are currently at risk of starvation and 149 million are stunted due to lack of nutritious food. Hunger and malnutrition rob girls and boys of their life potential, causing a lifetime of low immunity, poor health, inability to get educated and increased exposure to exploitation.

World Vision International President and CEO, Andrew Morley said international funding targets for nutrition and food security in humanitarian response plans in 2023 had raised less than a quarter of the funds needed. Yet the number of people in the world affected by hunger has more than doubled in the past four years.

“This is a global emergency, devastating children’s lives in both humanitarian and developmental contexts. Yet we are simply moving too slowly to save millions on the brink of starvation and life altering malnutrition. The needs are outpacing the international funding to provide food assistance and other life-saving support to prevent the deaths of thousands of people.”

Countries facing acute hunger crisis are those that have been most vulnerable to the impact of the 4Cs: rising costs, conflict, climate change and the uneven global economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. Severe child hunger and malnutrition are concentrated among the most vulnerable populations, those living in remote rural areas, in contexts of conflict, drought or refugee or internally displaced people settings.

World Vision Singapore commits to raise a total of $230,000 to provide aid to vulnerable children and families experiencing acute food insecurity in these three countries: Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia and Myanmar. The areas of intervention include: supplementing school lunches to address protein deficiency in children’s diets in Democratic Republic of Congo; providing school meals and life-saving medicines as well as nutrition screening for malnourished children in Ethiopia; and providing supplementary food packages and seed packages to enhance food security to internally displaced households in Rakhine, Myanmar. World Vision Singapore targets to reach a total of more than 30,000 people including over 21,000 children in the three countries with the funds raised.

“Food and nutrition are central to survival, and ensures that children can thrive and contribute to their families, communities and countries in the future. We are responding to an urgent need to provide for lifesaving food and nutrition, and also to support families to become more resilient to crises in the future by enhancing the stability of their food supply. World Vision has worked globally to serve the most vulnerable children for decades, and we are committed to addressing the growing hunger crisis,” said Benjamin Tan, World Vision Singapore CEO.

Your donation will go towards meeting the immediate needs of the people especially children impacted by the global hunger crisis:

  • $80 can provide for seeds and agricultural inputs for 8 families experiencing food insecurity
  • $100 can provide 8 children with nutrition screening and life-saving medicines for a month
  • $250 can provide 75 conflict-displaced persons with emergency food aid for a day
  • $500 can provide 175 children with school lunches for a month.

People in Singapore can visit World Vision Singapore website or Giving.SG website to support our fundraising appeal:

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World Vision Singapore