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We feature write-ups from supporters and staff who are hungry for change and want their voices to be heard.

We are so glad to learn that our little girl is working hard to enrol herself into university to move farther in life. For a moment, it felt like our own little girl is going to university soon. It has been a fulfilling journey knowing we have been able to help a little girl grow into a beautiful young lady. 

Leon, a 12-year-old girl living in Kapeni, southern Malawi, faces immense challenges due to droughts, floods and global economic pressures, which have taken a heavy toll on her family's income and access to food. Such natural disasters, and the ensuing economic pressures, pose a particular threat to women and girls, who are more likely to miss school to take care of domestic responsibilities, suffer from domestic violence, experience child marriage and sexual assault, and suffer from intimate partner violence.

Having a sponsor meant Monika, an 18-year-old from a rural community in Bangladesh, had the knowledge, tools and social support resources to stand up to child marriage. Not only has she avoided becoming a bride herself, but she is helping countless other girls facing a similar fate.

Trapped at home while her mother Desi went out to work each day because she has a disability, Heda was just nine when the first man came into the house and raped her. Desi is determined to protect Heda, who is now 14, and to do what she can to help make sure no other children ever live through the same horror. She has joined forces with the World Vision to share her story with leaders in their community, hoping to inspire them to build a stronger community that protects children and understands children’s rights.

Interning at World Vision and being exposed to first-hand stories from the field really reinforced how blessed I am to live in the safety and security of Singapore. Reading the testimonies of victims of disasters who have lost all their family members or children who are fighting against exploitation sometimes moved me to tears. While I initially felt overwhelmed and helpless, I remind myself that I can play a part in supporting these vulnerable individuals through World Vision's work.