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Ei, a young girl in a village, witnesses the struggles of children facing hunger and a lack of education. Through support from World Vision, her family learns financial management, receives food aid, and rebuilds their lives. Ei dreams of becoming a doctor to help others in similar situations.

World Vision Singapore commits to raise a total of $230,000 to provide aid to vulnerable children and families experiencing acute food insecurity in these three countries: Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia and Myanmar. Targets to reach a total of more than 30,000 people including over 21,000 children in the three countries with the funds raised.

A price shocks report released today by World Vision reveals that for the most vulnerable, food prices are still higher than they were before the COVID-19 pandemic. Analysis of food prices from September 2023 shows that a food basket that would cost 1.5 hours of work in Australia, Ireland, or Singapore would take the average worker 36 days to earn the money to purchase in Burundi and 25 days in the Central African Republic. 

At just 15 years old, she was forced to make the difficult decision of leaving her childhood home in search of food. The hardest part? Her mother was too sick to make the journey, so she was forced to flee with her 10 younger siblings alone. All in hopes of finding enough food and water to survive. 

Every day, Khadija’s heart aches as she sees her one-year-old son, Saiful, losing weight. All that she can feed him is some soggy rice and bland vegetables. Each time he struggles to eat, she carefully saves the leftover because wasting even a grain of rice is not an option for them.