What is the Child Greeting Video?

As part of our goal to strengthen our sponsorship experience, we’ve started recording Child Greeting Videos. This is a short 15-20 seconds video of your sponsored child in their community as he/she introduces him/herself.

For the videos available, the main objective is to give you a quick view of your child. Your sponsored child will usually give their name, age, where he/she lives and share a favorite hobby / game / song. For a child who is too young and cannot speak yet, a parent or guardian will speak on their behalf.

As this is a new initiative, it is still being implemented in stages. Some children, especially those from more mature communities, would not have greeting videos available. Children from China and Vietnam will not have videos due to restrictions from the country.

Unfortunately, we are unable to support translation of the videos at the moment. We seek your kind understanding as we continue to improve your sponsorship experience.