How does World Vision ensure that the development programmes are impacting my sponsored child’s life directly and positively?

In planning, implementing and evaluating our work, World Vision staff consider the basic needs of the child and the dynamics of the particular child’s community.
Does the child have a healthy diet? Is he or she attending school? Does the child have access to adequate healthcare, clean water, housing and clothing? Do his/her parents have an opportunity to improve the family’s condition by growing more food or starting a small business?

All projects are regularly measured against such goals and objectives. Audits are conducted regularly by field staff and occasionally by external consultants to ensure that the project is on track and is meeting the specific goals established by community leaders and World Vision.

As a child sponsor, you will receive annual progress updates on your child and the family’s well-being, and a report on how the development activities you are supporting are helping the entire community.

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