How does World Vision protect the security, privacy and dignity of children?

At World Vision, we are fully committed to ensuring that children and their families are protected from the fear or reality of any physical or emotional abuse. This could result from inappropriate and unsafe Internet and social media use, including the sharing of private information about a child and their family. Because of this, we ask all sponsors to abide by the following standards while participating in World Vision’s sponsorship programme:

  • Refrain from any direct, unmonitored communication with your sponsored child or family without our knowledge. This includes contact through the Internet or social media (including instant message, Facebook, Skype, Twitter, etc.). Note that World Vision does not, under any circumstances, allow visits to the child’s residence or community that have not been coordinated by World Vision staff.
  • Do not post your sponsored child’s last name or child ID number on the Internet or social media sites.
  • For both their security and yours, please let us know immediately of any contact initiated by your sponsored child or family that makes you feel uncomfortable.