How does Child Sponsorship work?

Child Sponsorship works very simply! By contributing $45 every month, you provide your sponsored child, his/her family and community with basic needs, love and care through your sponsorship support. In turn, you will receive annual progress updates and can even correspond with your child.

A child’s life is transformed through your sponsorship!

  • The sponsorship money you send is pooled with that of others who sponsor children in the same community that your child is in.
  • Collectively, your support enables World Vision to provide benefits such as education, healthcare, nutritious food and clean water for the children through an Area Programme (AP). Parents of these children will also receive useful skills training and income-generating opportunities to help them attain self-sustainability in the long term.
  • An AP is World Vision’s signature approach to fighting poverty and transforming lives. Through APs, World Vision identifies where we work and who we work with, and then carry out development activities specific to an AP’s needs.

To sponsor a child today, click here.

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