Can I add my sponsored child on Facebook?

We don’t encourage connecting with your sponsored child through social media.

We want you to communicate and connect with your sponsored child, however, doing so through social networking sites such as Facebook can pose a number of problems:

  1. It may pose a risk to the child’s safety.
  2. It can put you and your sponsored child in a difficult position—people may pressure your sponsored child to ask for gifts, money, or other favours.
  3. Others might access your sponsored child’s account, which would put your correspondence and personal details out of our control.
  4. Even with good intentions, language and cultural differences can (and have) led to inappropriate communication.

If you are contacted through a social media site, please do not respond. Call us on 6922 0144 and we can follow up with the sponsored child and community, educating them about the risks involved in communicating this way and why we use channels such as letters.