How can I keep in contact or send gifts to my sponsored child?

Send your words of encouragement by writing to your sponsored child or sending a small practical gift. Follow these simple instructions.

Step 1: On the front of your envelope, write the address of the World Vision office according to the country listed here.

Step 2: On the back of the envelope, write your sponsored child’s name and ID number.

Step 3: On your letter, write the child’s name and ID number at the top of the page, and your name and partner number at the end of the letter.

The country addresses and your sponsored child’s ID can be found in the child’s picture folder. Your partner ID is printed on World Vision’s letters. Or you can simply call our office to find out.

To protect the child and for efficient delivery, it is vital that you:

  • Bear in mind your sponsored child’s environment and culture when writing a letter or sending a gift.
  • Send only flat, inexpensive items such as photos, maps, bookmarks and stickers that can easily fit into an A4-size envelope. Otherwise, duty charges may be incurred. These gifts can widen the child’s imagination and is a precious link to the world outside.
    *For mail to children in the West Bank, please keep your envelopes to a maximum of A5 in size for ease of clearance in customs
  • Allow three months for a response.
  • Do not disclose your contact information in any correspondence. His or her reply will be sent via the National World Vision office where your child is from.
  • Do not send it to World Vision Singapore’s office.
  • Do not send any cash, food items (e.g. sweets), expensive or fancy gifts, culturally-sensitive or religious items.