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It has been eight long years. Still the Syria Crisis rages on, with no end in sight.

Some 8.4 million children have been affected. They have been through terrible things that no one, especially children, should. These things have harmed them not just physically but have also damaged their mental health. In response, World Vision has been working to set up Child Friendly Spaces in conflict areas. Child Friendly Spaces give children a safe space where they can begin to heal and work through their emotions. Crucially, they give these children, who were robbed of their childhood, the chance to be children again.

Alien. Stranger. Different. Anger. Fear.

The word “refugee” is often associated with a spectrum of words or emotions. But what exactly is a refugee?

In June, the monsoon season’s heavy rains battered Bangladesh, causing several landslides in Rangamati, Chittagong and Bandarban. At least 152 people lost their lives in what was deemed one of the worst landslides in Bangladesh’s history. The monsoon season marched on: At it's height on 11 August, almost a week’s worth of rain fell across parts of Bangladesh in a matter of a few hours, leaving almost nearly a third of the country underwater. Eight year old Jibon was among the scores of people whose lives were altered irrevocably.