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With daily challenges to peace, what can be done in conflict-ridden places? How can the next generation be peace loving and peace keepers? In this issue of Voices for Change, we bring you stories from Iraq, Kenya, the Philippines and more, of how World Vision is working to make peace a reality.

More than 622,000 people fled from Myanmar to Bangladesh when violence broke out in Myanmar Rakhine State. World Vision is distributing emergency food packages that have reached some 15,000 people in 3,000 vulnerable households since 24 September in Cox’s Bazar. Help us reach another 115,000 people with a two-week supply of emergency food aid. Help us to prevent worsening malnutrition among children.

As Dalits in rural Nepal, Samjhana and her family faced discrimination and limited opportunities in life as members from the lowest caste. They accepted that their fate was to be landless and till land in others’ fields for a living. One day, they received a goat and their life has never been the same!