Myanmar (Taikkyi)

Registered Children Affected in Taikkyi Area Programme: 0
World Vision Staff Affected in Taikkyi Area Programme: 0

The country of Myanmar has confirmed cases of COVID-19. The government has ordered people to stay at home and avoid travel between villages, imposed a curfew from 10pm to 4am each day, banned gatherings of more than five people and asked non-government organisations not to conduct activities in communities with infections.

World Vision is working with the government to distribute personal protective equipment and medical supplies like masks, gloves, disinfectant, thermometers and sanitiser to health facilities. We are also providing internally displaced families with food supplies, cash, water purification tablets, soap, water buckets and COVID-19 information. We have developed education kits for children and online homeschooling training for caregivers. And we are advocating strong child protection during the COVID-19 response.

Several of the communities we partner within Myanmar are experiencing restrictions due to safety measures, which will likely cause some operational delays. 

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