Jeruselam, West Bank (South Hebron)

Registered Children Affected in South Hebron Area Programme: 0
World Vision Staff Affected in South Hebron Area Programme: 0

The Palestinian Authority declared a State of Emergency over areas under their administration on 22 March and the Israeli Government has restricted all non-essential movement throughout the rest of the West Bank and Israel in response to COVID-19.

In partnership with the World Health Organisation and UNICEF, World Vision is distributing information materials promoting COVID-19 prevention measures. We are supporting health workers by providing medical equipment, hygiene products and protective equipment to village councils and providing face masks and toys to quarantine centres. And we are working with church groups to develop training for parents on positive discipline techniques to use during the lockdown.

All of the communities we partner within this region are experiencing restrictions due to safety measures, which will likely cause some operational delays. Most WV staff in the region are now working from home, with the exception of some roles essential to the COVID-19 response. 

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