Bangladesh (Wazipur)

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The country of Bangladesh confirmed its first case of COVID-19 on 7 March. The government has imposed a national shutdown, restricting people’s movement across the country. However, enforcing the restrictions has been a challenge, as day labourers have continued working in order to feed their families. World Vision has been working to limit the spread of COVID-19 by educating children, families and communities in prevention methods, with a special focus on refugees living in Cox’s Bazaar.

We have already reached over 703,000 people through COVID-19 awareness posters and social media messaging and have trained 1,200 faith leaders on how to share COVID-19 prevention messages in their own communities. We have provided more than 17,000 people with handwashing soap and buckets, set up 1,200 community handwashing facilities and we are also training community health workers, faith leaders and child protection workers on COVID-19 prevention, distributing food packs and cash vouchers, and providing vulnerable children with psychosocial support.

All of the communities we partner within Bangladesh are experiencing restrictions due to safety measures, which will likely cause some operational delays. Most WV Bangladesh staff are working from home. We have put planned learning events and gatherings on hold so we can adapt our programme to respond to COVID-19 and help keep kids and communities safe, but we are continuing to check on families and provide them with prevention information by contacting families by mobile phone. Thank you for your vital support – we will continue to update you on how we are best supporting sponsored children and their communities at this challenging time.

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