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#didyouknow that China has the world’s largest country in terms of population size, amounting to around 1.43 billion people? Find out more about your sponsored child's local context and how life looks like for most of them! 

Can you guess what the national dish in Cambodia is? Dive deeper into the cultural environment in Cambodia to better understand your sponsored child's lifestyle! 

How cold can it get in Bangladesh? Find out more about the cultural environment in Bangladesh and better understand the lifestyle of children in the child sponsorship programme!  

COVID-19 is a pandemic that was brought upon us without any warning, and many livelihoods have been disrupted, be it being retrenched, closing down of workplaces or facing deaths of family members. The lives of Asia’s most vulnerable children have been affected drastically as well, some not even having food or clean water to survive on. This is much more than a health crisis. It is a humanitarian crisis.

2020 has turned out to be very different from what any of us had planned. What does the world look like right now through the eyes of a child? We asked kids around the world to find out.