Once a sponsored child: Stories of former sponsored children from Indonesia, Bangladesh, Nepal and Kenya

Every year the child sponsorship program impacts 20 million children in 54 countries. The purpose is clear - to empower children and those around them to break free from poverty for good.

There are now millions of adults across the world living productive, fulfilled lives because of the partnership of sponsors who wanted to make a difference.

And, it is a difference that lasts!

Egy from Indonesia

Former sponsored child now a medical doctor

From sponsored child to medical doctor.

“When I became a sponsored child, I had the chance to get to know the world.”

For Egy, that sparked the dream to become a doctor to save lives in her community.

Egy from Indonesia is one of those adults; living proof of World Vision sponsorship and how it creates change that lasts.  

Egy grew up in a remote part of Indonesia where basic services were limited and the struggle for survival was real. She was inspired to become a doctor to help save lives in her community after she was sponsored and saw the healthcare workers in action, caring for her and other children in her village in Papua.

“I saw that healthcare workers in Papua were short in numbers,” Egy says. “Looking at the problems, I told myself that I had to be a doctor to be able to help people in my district.”


Kalpana from Bangladesh

Former sponsored child now a lawyer

A highly respected lawyer.

“I am the stone that was thrown away,” she says. “Now I have become the cornerstone of my community.”

As a child, Kalpana’s family was so poor that their neighbours would avoid them in case they asked for help.

But now, her neighbours wait for her on the walk home to ask for her help with legal advice – and she says it was sponsorship that helped her become the person she is today.


Pragati from Nepal

Former sponsored child now giving back to community

Full circle moment!

“The sponsorship programme has transformed me and my family’s life completely.”

Growing up, Pragati’s family struggled to make ends meet with her father’s income. 

But when Pragati was sponsored, her mother was able to join agricultural training and a savings group, which helped the family strengthen their financial position. Pragati also joined a children’s club and learned about child protection and built skills in leadership, public speaking and more.

Best of all, Pragati says she had encouragement from her sponsor.

“I felt so happy every time I received a letter that I had a friend in a foreign country who cared about me.”

Today Pragati has come full circle and works with an organisation helping others in her community to break out of poverty.

“I always dreamed of working to serve my community – my dream has now come true.”


Stephen from Kenya

Former sponsored child now an entrepreneur

Former sponsored child now an entrepreneur and master mechanic.

“They valued their cattle more than education for their children.”

That was the kind of family Stephen grew up in.

“Because we faced challenges like drought, diseases and conflict, the community started to understand the importance of school,” he remembers.

Stephen’s sponsors helped him get an education, the skills to become a mechanic and even a loan to start his own motorbike parts shop. Now Stephen runs a successful motorbike repair garage and trains other young men to become mechanics too – and he’s broken the cycle of poverty in his family.


Egy, Kalpana, Pragati and Stephen are just a few of the many children whose lives took a turn for the better because of sponsorship. 

Becoming a sponsor might be one of the most world changing things you ever do!

Start your journey today!


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World Vision