Syria Crisis: World Vision Responds and Calls for Help

Syria Crisis: World Vision Responds to children and their families in need in Eastern Ghouta

April12, 2018 - “As we enter the 8th year of this ruinous war in Syria, it is harrowing to hear of the alleged attacks in Douma,” says Syria Response Director, Wynn Flaten.

“It is utterly heartbreaking to see the constant calls from humanitarian organisations to put an end to the violence, suffering and devastation of Syrian people, go unnoticed.”

For many Syrian children, all they have ever known is war. It’s impossible for us to imagine the extreme effect this is having on the mental, physical and social health of the future generation of children who will need to rebuild Syria. At this point, there are more than 59,000 internally displaced people from Eastern Ghouta. 

To date, World Vision has distributed approximately 3,900 hygiene kits in A’zaz and Idlib and will continue doing so. These kits, which include necessary daily sanitary items, go a long way for the families who are just arriving to our locations with barely anything other than the clothes on their backs. World Vision is committed to helping the most vulnerable children and their families and is continuing to work on the ground in Idlib and A’zaz. We will continue supporting hospitals and providing life-saving services like clean water supplies for those who need it the most.


Syria Crisis: Help Syrian Children In Dire Need

World Vision Singapore is providing emergency healthcare to mothers and children in Syria trapped behind fire lines. This is done through a mobile health clinic which provides roving visits to villages, dispensation of medicine to provide immediate relief, facilitation of referrals to orhter urgent healthcare providers, and consultations. Before, there was only 1 doctor serving 37,000 people. With your help, we can provide approximately 50 consultations a day. 


In Jordan and Lebanon, World Vision is also providing feeding programmes and educational support to young refugee children. For many of these children who have grown up in wartime, or who have only ever lived as a Syrian refugee, psychosocial care is crucial to help them cope with the stress of conflict and violence. With your help, we can provide better nutrition to young refugee children, and support to safeguard their physical, emotional and psychological well-being. 



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