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With home-based learning over, school holidays taking over and Circuit Breaker still in place, thinking of activities to do with your children (or by yourself) can be tough, especially if you’ve already exhausted your list of activities. Why not try cooking some dishes that originate from your sponsored child's country? 

To tide you through the school holidays and the last few weeks of Circuit Breaker, World Vision has some meaningful suggestions for your family and you!

Eliseu is an 11-year-old who stopped going to school because his family can no longer afford his school fees. He sits by the border and sells Quisangua (a drink made from sugar and maize) to people travelling across. More children like him stand around in the scorching heat, hoping to sell and afford the next meal.

Drought has ransacked their lands, leaving their families in uncertainty of a future. The severity of the drought is sweeping the chances of selling anything as people no longer have the money.