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“I did not even know [the] ABCDs back then, but now I know,” shared Suresh. With his newly developed skills, Suresh’s outlook on education and life has changed drastically as well. 

Hailing from a village in Zambia that did not have hold a clean water source, Jeneta and other women in her village would often travel to a river to fetch water – albeit dirty and possibly contaminated – to meet their needs. While it may sound simple enough, fetching water is often a difficult and dangerous task, especially for women, who are further vulnerable to threats like harassment and sexual assault.

COVID-19 is a pandemic that was brought upon us without any warning, and many livelihoods have been disrupted, be it being retrenched, closing down of workplaces or facing deaths of family members. The lives of Asia’s most vulnerable children have been affected drastically as well, some not even having food or clean water to survive on. This is much more than a health crisis. It is a humanitarian crisis.