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As circuit breaker measures have made home-based learning and social distancing the new norm, it can be a struggle for parents to find new and innovative ways to engage children at home!

If you are a parent facing the same struggles, try these education-based activities with your children to spend meaningful time with them, while broadening their horizon to become more informed, caring global citizens.

Social distancing and staying at home does not mean disconnecting from the rest of the world. When you are staying at home, we recommend you catch these movies and explore another world where poverty, gender inequality and conflict are forcing many children to live in survival mode - with or without any COVID-19 pandemic. 

Child Sponsorship has made it possible for World Vision to respond to the COVID-19 crisis from the beginning. Our Area Programmes supported by child sponsors are now focused on protecting children and the community from the spread of the virus. As we all try to figure out the best way forward for our families, neighbours, nation and the world in the light of COVID-19, we want to share with you how your Child Sponsorship may be affected by with this list of Frequent Asked Questions.