Youth and Schools

5 passionate students from National Junior College, Joyce Goh, Ker Jun Sheng, Vernice Teo, Allysa Tan and Xavier Cheah, started "Heartstrings in Taikkyi" - a campaign to raise awareness and funds for the needs of the community in Taikkyi, Myanmar. The team mounted a school-wide exhibition from 19 - 20 August 2019 to sensitise their peers to the educational and child protection needs in Taikkyi, and invited them to write letters of encouragement to the children and youth living there as a show of support.

Matthew Cheung from St. Joseph's Institution International shares his conviction to bring clean water to the vulnerable and how he started "Magnificent Clean Water" - a campaign on MyVision to raise funds for clean water by donating proceeds earned from running a lemonade stall in his school. Read on to hear how Matthew took action and advocated for clean water for all!

Our world is no longer the same as it was 50 years ago. Climate change now threatens to undo the past 50 years of progress in development, global health and poverty reduction. For the first time, a global generation of children will grow up in a world made far more dangerous and uncertain as a result of a changing climate and degraded environment. We spotlight 3 groups of children and youth from all across the globe who have decided to step up and do their part for the environment!