COVID-19: Child Sponsorship Frequently Asked Questions

Child Sponsorship has made it possible for World Vision to respond to the COVID-19 crisis from the beginning. Our Area Programmes supported by child sponsors are now focused on protecting children and the community from the spread of the virus.

As we all try to figure out the best way forward for our families, neighbours, nation and the world in the light of COVID-19, we want to share with you how your Child Sponsorship may be affected by with this list of Frequent Asked Questions. 

For specific status updates of the community your sponsored child lives in, please visit

What happens if my child becomes seriously ill from COVID-19?

The safety and wellbeing of the children we serve is our highest priority. If your sponsored child becomes seriously ill from coronavirus or any other illness and they have given consent to share their medical condition, we will contact you with known information as soon as it’s operationally possible.

What happens if my child loses a parent or caregiver because of COVID-19?

We know from experience in the Ebola crisis and other disease outbreaks, that the secondary impacts of the coronavirus can be devastating for children living in poverty, specifically losing a parent or older caregiver. If your sponsored child loses a parent/caregiver to coronavirus or any other illness, we will contact you with known information as soon as it’s operationally possible.

Can I still write a letter to my sponsored child?

Yes. In fact, we hope you will! 
In such uncertain times, your sponsored child or their family could be facing fear, isolation or uncertainty and they could benefit from knowing you are thinking of and/or praying for them. The World Health Organization advises that mail does not spread coronavirus. In impacted areas, it may take longer for your letter to be delivered but rest assured that it will, as soon as it’s safe to do so. 

To prevent any delays from the physical mailing of your letters, we strongly encourage you to send an e-letter to your sponsored child instead! Our National Offices will print out your letter received in their email and then deliver it to your sponsored child. Simply login to your account at to send your words of encouragement to your sponsored child. If you have not sent e-letter before, refer to the instructions here

If you have just sent an e-letter before the COVID-19 outbreak, and would now like to send another e-letter, we are happy to inform you that we have increased the quota for sending your e-letter during this period.

If I've just written a letter to my sponsored child, will I get a reply?

Yes. If you sponsored child is not in an area impacted by COVID-19, you will receive a reply from them in the usual timeframe, which is 1-3 months from the time you send out your letter to receiving a response from your sponsored child. However, if your sponsored child is in an area impacted, it may take longer than usual to get a reply. This is because our movements may be affected by government/local health authority restrictions. As soon as it’s safe to do so, a reply will be sent.

Can I still send a gift to my sponsored child?

Technically, yes. However, some countries may suspend postal services and your local post office may not allow you to send to these countries. For international postal services updates, visit the Singpost website here. Even if the country is still able to accept parcels, the process may still take a little longer depending on the government restrictions imposed in the community and as we prioritise the safety of children and their families. As the situation is evolving day by day, we encourage you to postpone the sending of your gift until the situation stabilises.

Will I still receive an Annual Progress Report from my sponsored child?

At this point in time, we expect that many sponsors will receive an annual progress report and update photo from their sponsored child later this year. However, because of the dynamic nature of this pandemic and because our priority is always the safety of children, their families, and our staff and volunteers, there could be delays or some delivery challenges. We will keep you updated as more information becomes available. 

Will I still receive photos and videos from my sponsored child?

Because of the dynamic nature of this pandemic and because our priority is always the safety of children, staff and volunteers, some sponsors will experience delays in receiving photo and video updates from their sponsored child and the child’s community. If this happens, we ask for your patience and will keep you updated as more information becomes available.

Will I be able to visit my sponsored child on World Vision trips in 2020?

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, all trips will be suspended temporarily for the safety of all trippers, and children in the community. We will notify sponsors again when trips registration are opened.

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World Vision Singapore