Write Your First E-Letter to a Sponsored Child!

Communicating with sponsored children allows them to experience unconditional love, express themselves and expand their horizons. With our latest website enhancement, child sponsors will be able to send e-letters to their children!


With e-letters, sponsored children now wait a shorter time to hear from their sponsors, while sponsors save on postage fees. Nguyen Thi Thuy Duong, from Vietnam's Sponsorship team, who prints and delivers e-letters says, "This is a very effective way to communicate with sponsored children and we are happy that it can shorten the waiting time."

Rebecca, who has been sponsoring a boy in the West Bank for two years, sent her first e-letter and has this to say: “I’ve always wanted to connect more with my sponsored child, but it is not always easy to find time to write physical letters and go to the post office. With this, it will definitely help me to write more to my boy.” 

If you are a child sponsor, you can send your first e-letter by logging in to your online World Vision account and clicking "My Sponsored Children", followed by "Send e-letters". Enjoy connecting with your sponsored child!


Written By: 
World Vision Singapore