COVID-19 Status Update for Child Sponsors

World Vision Cares

Child Sponsorship: Protecting Children's Health

The scale and spread of COVID-19 globally is a concern for us. In many countries where World Vision sponsored children live, the risks are even greater – health systems can be weak and proper healthcare may not be as accessible to them. We are monitoring the situation in every country we work in.

Child Sponsorship has made it possible for World Vision to respond to this crisis from the beginning. We are supporting efforts by local health authorities, schools and local partners to prevent the spread of the virus, creating awareness and educating locals, helping to set up public handwashing stations, and distributing soap, sanitiser, and masks where appropriate. These preventative measures have always been an important part of our child sponsorship programme because in places of extreme poverty improving health, water, sanitation and hygiene saves lives; now, more than ever.

To keep you informed on the situation in your sponsored child’s community, we will be providing reports here regularly. Sponsors may continue to correspond with your sponsored child (it is still recommended to do so via e-letters), however, kindly do note that it may require more time, beyond the usual 3 months, to reach your sponsored child or to receive a reply from them due to ongoing COVID-19 restrictions and delays within the postal services.

[Last Updated on 16 February 2022]

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