COVID-19 Status Update for Child Sponsors

World Vision Cares

Child Sponsorship: Protecting Children's Health


Child sponsorship has made it possible for World Vision to respond almost immediately to the pandemic when it first hit the communities we work in, providing masks, and hygiene kits, educating sponsored children and their families as well as partnering with local authorities to best help the community cope.

As we now move into the new normal and begin our recovery from the pandemic, World Vision continues to educate and support the community, in partnership with local authorities, where appropriate.

After two years, this will be the final COVID-19 update from the communities, as cases continue to decrease, and they adapt to the new normal.
Sponsors may continue to correspond with your sponsored child (it is still recommended to do so via e-letters). Kindly do note that it may still require a longer duration to reach your sponsored child or to receive a reply from them due to ongoing local COVID-19 restrictions and/or postal service delays.