Youth and Schools

12-year-old James, together with his team, was invited by World Vision Philippines to join an Anti-Online Sexual Exploitation of Children workshop in 2019. The workshop taught James that dangers can lurk inside any child’s home. Since then, James has boldly championed the cause, going from classroom to classroom to raise awareness about the problem of online sexual exploitation.

17-year-old Akhi used to work long hours in hazardous working conditions. Constrained by poverty, Akhi had dropped out of school in order to earn money to relieve her family's economic situation. After World Vision Bangladesh removed her from child labour, Akhi was unable to return to school as she was too old to reenter the education system. Undeterred, she was enrolled in a vocational school to equip her with skills.

23-year-old Moisi is the eldest son of a family with five children. Moisi's father, having lost a hand, has been unable to work. Moisi's mother has struggled with a mental disability for the last 20 years. Their home was built almost 70 years ago but was destroyed by bombing during the 1997 civil war in Albania. His family members lived in the house's animal shelter as all the other rooms in the house had become uninhabitable. With his father in retirement due to physical disability, the family's household finances were strained.