Khna Ny's Story

His mother passed away, and his father abandoned the family. Overnight, Khna Ny (above) and his two brothers became orphans. The youngest of them was only three. 

The brothers now live in a remote area with their grandparents who shower them with love. But they are elderly, and struggle to provide for them. 


Grandpa's farm is small and did not yield enough. The children went hungry a lot. With only a small income, Khna Ny and his brother who are of schooling age were at risk of dropping out. The youngest may never have been able to start.

All three were at risk of malnutrition. 

But this did not have to be. 

World Vision made miracles happen in their lives by inviting Khna Ny's grandparents to attend agricultural training to boost their yield, and offered them seeds to grow rice and other crops.


Now, they are able to grow enough food throughout the year, and have excess to sell to pay for the boys' schooling and other basic needs.

"You see, there are lots of seeds. I'll keep some for next season and share some with my neighbours," says Khna Ny's grandmother.

Will you create more mini miracles that have a ripple effect?

Written By: 
World Vision Singapore