Felicia Chin’s Gift of Choice and Chance

“What does it mean to a person when someone asks you to choose? I think I would feel important, accepted, cherished and valued,” reflected Felicia Chin, Mediacorp artiste and World Vision Singapore’s Goodwill Ambassador. “I’m not sure if the children feel it but this is subtle empowerment in their lives and I’m thrilled to be part of Chosen.”


A current sponsor of five, Felicia recently welcomed her sixth sponsored child from Wazirpur, Bangladesh.


Only this time instead of choosing a child to sponsor, Felicia was #Chosen. 



Chosen is a new invitation to child sponsorship that empowers children with choice, to drive change for themselves, family and community. These children are shown that they can be change-makers, even in the life of their sponsor - just like the child that chose Felicia Chin.


The celebrity-sponsor "met" five-year-old Shadhin, the newest addition to her family of sponsored children, via a video greeting. 


“It was powerful," confessed Felicia. "The purity in his eyes as he was telling me that I’m beautiful and chosen; that stirred something in me."


As an existing sponsor, she acknowledged how different and special it was for her to be chosen instead of choosing a child.


”I guess the connection may not be as immediate and deep-felt [as compared to Chosen]. This is a celebration of connected lives and I’m overwhelmed with my emotions. The child sponsorship programme is still incredibly special but I think this approach of them choosing us, is very personal. I was very touched when he introduced himself and told me what he likes. It was as if he has already touched my life.”


Child sponsorship has been impacting and improving the lives of children, their families and community through advocacy and awareness as well as access to basics like education, clean water and opportunities. This community-focused approach was adopted by World Vision to ensure maximum reach as with every child sponsored, four others benefit.


Yet, there are still countless children that wait for years to be sponsored. While they enjoy the same advantages as sponsored children, they miss out on building meaningful friendships with sponsors and vice-versa.


“I think deep down, every one of us wants to feel accepted. Chosen is not just us reaching out to touch the lives of children in different countries. It is also them reaching out to tell us that we are chosen, valued and cherished too. Not in a way that glorifies ourselves but because once upon a time, we were children too. I would love for all of you to encounter this beautiful connection and incredible friendship.”


Find out more about Chosen or sign up to be #Chosen here.


Written By: 
World Vision Singapore