Children in Disasters

One after the other, disasters are knocking children and their families to their knees. This is a series of stories of their survival, strength, and grit. 

The death toll continues to rise hour by hour and has now sadly climbed above 21,000 in both Syria and Türkiye. As the international effort gathers pace in Türkiye, Syria is significantly underserved and remains a serious concern. World Vision has worked rapidly to assess the needs to already-displaced children and communities in the wake of the earthquake and are scaling up our emergency response.

World Vision is concerned about growing health needs in Syria where health facilities are overwhelmed by the wounded and operating at very limited capacity. Very little humanitarian aid has reached Northwest Syria in the past 4 days, and medical supplies are running out. Doctors have warned that children are at risk of developing hypothermia and being exposed to waterborne diseases.

Hundreds of thousands of children in Northern Syria are currently stranded outside of their homes and are becoming even more vulnerable to family separation, exploitation and abuse. Children are also at risk of hypothermia as they struggle to survive in freezing temperatures. Children will also be out of school as the buildings are still deemed unsafe.