Children in Disasters

One after the other, disasters are knocking children and their families to their knees. This is a series of stories of their survival, strength, and grit. 

The major concerns at the moment are displaced people sleeping wherever they can. People are building fires in oil drums, sleeping outside, sleeping on chairs and in cars, trying to find anywhere that is warm, anywhere except in a building that has the potential to collapse. Buildings and homes remain unstable.

When Typhoon Molave struck in Vietnam, the floods swept away nine-year-old Trân’s home and destroyed her family’s farm – their only source of income. Life got a lot harder for her family who was already below the poverty line. Through the emergency relief response, her family received essentials such as rice, cooking oil, school supplies, warm clothes, and some shelter repair kits to reconstruct their home.

Hope can sprout amid the ruins. A 6.5 magnitude earthquake struck Charice's community creating a disastrous havoc - flattening houses and destroying livelihoods. When she and family thought everything was lost, their abaca plantation helped them restore their lives.